About Sputnik

SPUTNIK International is a dynamic and passionate voluntary organization that originated in Tokyo, inspired by the visionary collaboration of Junko Akisawa and Eshantha Ariyadasa. Both individuals, having studied in New Zealand as AFS (American Field Service) students, recognized the transformative power of international education and the pivotal role it plays in fostering genuine global citizens.

Junko Akisawa, now a distinguished TBS announcer and Director of SPUTNIK International, was born in Japan and embarked on her educational journey in New Zealand through the AFS program. This experience not only broadened her horizons but also instilled in her a profound understanding of the importance of international exchange for cultivating true international perspectives.

Eshantha Ariyadasa, another key figure in the formation of SPUTNIK International, shared a similar journey, having studied in New Zealand as an AFS student. His encounter & blossoming friendship with Junko during their time abroad laid the foundation for their shared vision of promoting international understanding and education as catalysts for building a harmonious global community.

SPUTNIK International was born out of the belief that education for international understanding is the gateway to nurturing individuals who transcend borders and contribute to the path of world peace. The organization’s inception marked the beginning of a journey dedicated to spreading awareness about the significance of international exchange.

Organization Philosophy: Our overarching mission is to contribute to global peace by facilitating cultural understanding and providing individuals with a window into diverse perspectives, fostering connections across the world.

Organization Goals:

  • Establish international educational and cultural exchange centers globally.
  • Cultivate an inclusive environment for international exchange, encouraging widespread participation.
  • Foster an atmosphere of mutual international cooperation with a focus on educational support.

Name Significance: The name “SPUTNIK” is derived from the Russian term for “traveling companion.” It symbolizes our aspiration to unite like-minded individuals as friends, collectively moving forward. We aim to be steadfast companions to people worldwide, promoting shared sentiments and global camaraderie.



Letter from Eshantha Ariyadasa

Dear Esteemed Readers and Supporters,

I am sincerely honored and grateful for the opportunity to convey my thoughts and appreciation on the website of Sputnik International. 

As we reflect on our incredible journey spanning over two decades with SPUTNIK, it is heartening to recognize the numerous friendships forged and the substantial contributions made toward global peace through educational and cultural exchanges.

The Sputnik Cultural Centre has served as a welcoming haven for countless overseas guests visiting Sri Lanka for volunteering and sightseeing. Likewise, the Sputnik Education Centre has played a pivotal role as an institute for languages, sports, and child education, benefiting thousands of locals. Notably, over 3000 students have studied Japanese at Sputnik, with more than 300 choosing Japan as their destination for further studies and livelihood.

Our commitment to literacy extends to the Sputnik library, striving to cultivate a love for reading among children, young adults, and the broader Sputnik community. Through the Sputnik Scholarship Fund, we’ve donated over one million rupees to support disadvantaged students from nearby schools.

The eco-conscious efforts of the Sputnik Green-birds are commendable, not only in waste collection but also in setting an example for those who have the unfortunate habit of littering.

One of our most significant endeavors is the Sputnik Girls’ Home, providing shelter and care to 20 vulnerable and disadvantaged girls. Over the past eight years, we have not only accommodated orphaned, abandoned, and destitute girls but have also prioritized their education and health needs. We have successfully reintegrated over 50 girls into society, emphasizing reunification with their natural birth environments, adoption, job opportunities, and marriages.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the generous support of individuals and organizations. The unwavering support from Sputnik International, particularly the substantial donation of nearly twenty million Japanese yen from Sputnik Japan through its annual “Peace-quest” fundraising activity, has been instrumental.

As we move forward, I humbly request your continued support for our Girls’ Home and other welfare projects. We are excited about two upcoming major projects: transforming an old building into a preschool and constructing a new office space for the education center.

Your steadfast support ensures that we can provide the best possible services to those in need. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all supporters and extend a sincere invitation for you to visit Sri Lanka, experience our lush green environment, and feel the warmth of our nation.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Warm regards,

Eshantha Ariyadasa
Chairman: Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization (SISLO)