Registered with Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission
Sputnik International Education Center, Gepallawa, Uhumeeya, Kurunegala.


The main purpose of this painting competition is to combine the creations of exceptional Asian artists with IT technology for securing their ownerships and pave way for a new era for Asian arts. We hope to continue this painting competition annually, started from last year (2020). It is with delightful enthusiasm that we conduct this competition in Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka intending the attention and participation of many talented artists in these countries. We hope to extend the joy and excitement of painting arts not only among professional artists but also among primary and secondary school children.

Winners will be awarded with certificates, trophies and financial rewards. Furthermore, selected paintings will be exhibited in online platforms and in art galleries of Japan, facilitating art collectors around the world to procure notable art works. Through this we aspire to bring ingenious Asian artists towards the attention of professional art directors by which we anticipate to open the avenues for these artists to proceed into their expected destinies.

Age categories

  1. Open Category
    – Over 18, any age (But for discovering artists)
    – Who aren’t yet represented by commercial galleries
    – 20 nominates
    – 3 Awards
  2. Children’s Category
    – Under 17 years old
    – Children’s paintings, seen from the artistic point of view
    – 10 nominates
    – 3 Awards
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Time table

  • Entries are accepted: June 1st – August 31st
  • Selections: September 1st – October 31st, 2021
  • Local Awards Ceremony: November, 2021
  • Theme: Free (An art on a flat surface using any medium; oil, acrylic, watercolor, printing,
    pastel, graphite, etc.)

Rules and conditions

  • Theme: A two-dimensional painting on whatever the theme that artist prefers.
  • Drawing surface: Free to decide, Eg. Drawing paper, Kent Paper, Conquer paper, Ledger paper, Bristol board etc. it should not be drawn on rough/hard surfaces such as wooden, glass, or plastic. The artwork should not be framed, when needed it should be rolled and handed over or posted.
  • Medium: Free to decide, single or a combination of several mediums can be used according to the preference of the artist. Eg. Pastel, crayon, Water colors, oil painting, etc.
  • Exhibits: In principle, one entry (Multiple entries are accepted, but only one entry will be awarded)
  • Size: Any size that is of a minimum within 30 cm x 30 cm or a maximum of 100 cm x 100 cm
  • NOTE: We do not accept work that has been entered and accepted to other competitions in the past, or copies of work by others.

How to Apply

  1. Photographing your artwork with a camera or a smartphone.
  2. Have a photocopy of your NIC or Birth Certificate at the time of filling the application form. (To confirm age)

Fill in the application form (Google Form) provided to you through the extensions we have mentioned. >> Click the Submit button.
(At the time of filling up the application form you will be given the opportunity to upload a photocopy of the NIC or your birth certificate)

Selection Procedure

  1. All designs you send us will be submitted for first round judging.
  2. In the final round, 20 designs will be selected from the open category and 10 designs will be selected from the children’s category.
  3. The designs selected for the final round should be sent to the following address or posted to the Organizing Committee.
Dr. Eshantha Ariyadasa
Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization
Gepallawa, Uhumeeya,
  1. In addition, valuable certificates will be awarded for the first 100 best arts in both categories

Grants of Financial Rewards and Certificates


[2021] Selected Arts - Final Results - Children's Category

[2021] Selected Arts - Final Results - Open Category

[2021] Selected Arts for Special Awards (ECF/ SIJ/ Thai)

White Canvas Art Screening Process - 2020

[2020] Selected Arts - Final Results - Primary Section

[2020] Selected Arts - Final Results - Secondary Section

[2020] Selected Arts - Final Results - Open Section