Registered with Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission
Sputnik International Education Center, Gepallawa, Uhumeeya, Kurunegala.

Technical Intern Training Program

Make qualified caregivers, through skill transfer.

To create a caregiver Sri Lankan brand
To create a better image of the caregiver service of Sri
Lankans in Japan

To obtain proper and updated caregiver tanning from recognized
institutions in Japan and use that knowledge to develop the quality of
caregiver service in Sri Lanka.


Under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Sri Lanka Bureau of
Foreign Employment (SLBFE) and Deshakthee Lanka Agencies (Pvt) Ltd,
Sputnik International Education Centre Company Private Limited (Sputnik) has
been recognized as a licensed institute to train caregivers for japan.
With more than 20 years of experience of sending students to Japan, Sputnik
started Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) on 11th of January 2021. Now
twenty five female students are undergoing a residential training at Sputnik as
the first batch of Caregiver Technical Interns.
In addition to Japanese language studies and Caregiver tanning, the students are
strictly taught and trained about Japanese culture including Japanese greetings,
manners and ethics. Students engage in physical training every day for keeping
their fitness and to stay healthy.
After 8 month of training, the students have the opportunity to be qualified as
Technical Interns to serve in Japan, as Sri Lankan branded caregivers.

Commencement of the CG Program

  • Establishment

Interview: Date: 2020/ 12/ 12 (Saturday)

A total of 25 students were selected for the first batch of the Caregiver Technical Intern Training Program

  • Online Classes were Conducted
    2021/01/11(Monday) ~2021/02/26 (Friday)

Due to the Corona epidemic, all the lectures were conducted via Zoom Conferences. Homework and lecture notes were sent via mails and WhatsApp applications. Care Giver Online Classes were conducted by Mr. Suzuki Yusuke (鈴木先生)

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All students were requested to come to Sputnik on
2021/03/01 to start the training program on-site


1. Wakeup at 5.00am

2. Physical exercises: (5.30am-6.15am)

3. Tea time: (6.15am-6.30am)

4. Daily cleaning Activities: (6.30am-7.00am)

5. Breakfast and Shower time: (7.00am-7.45am)

6. Morning assembly: (7.45am-8.00am)

7. Class activities (Japanese Language and Culture training) : (8.00am-11.50am)

8. Lunch Time : (11.50am - 12.50pm)

9. Class activities (Caregiver theory and practical training)

10. Extra-curricular activities

11. Free time: (5.00pm-7.00pm)
(Games, reading books, washing, telephone time)

12. Discussion time: (7.00 pm-7.30pm)
We conduct a round table discussion to revise day today information and
to discusses the plans (in Japanese)

13. Dinner time: (7.30pm-8.00pm)

14. Time for self-education: (8.00pm-10.00pm)

15. Students should go to bed by 10 pm and 7 hours of sleep is made

*** There we mark the end one day of our trainees! ***

Further Development...

1. A new hostel building is proposed with separate rooms to maintain privacy
and secure health.

2. Introduction of culturally valued more club activities

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